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TIPIC: Tunisian International Protection and Indemnity Correspondent

Legal assistance

With its qualified jurists and appointed specialized lawyers, TIPIC is able to handle all kinds of marine claims arising during and after vessels calling Tunisian ports.

In addition to cargo surveying and reports establishing on behalf of shipowners/their P&I club, TIPIC insures as well cargo claims handling by either negotiating amicable settlement with local cargo interests or defending same if necessary before local courts by appointing qualified lawyers. Recovery actions against third parties can be undertaken as well upon P&I club instructions.

On some occasions and particularly when vessels are arrested, TIPIC can intervene to lift such arrest by issuing necessary and adequate security.

Our legal department may be requested to undertake on behalf of concerned shipowners/P&I associations necessary actions with F.D.D. (Freight Demurrage Defence) to collect unpaid freight and demurrages.