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TIPIC: Tunisian International Protection and Indemnity Correspondent

Marine surveys

Cargo surveying

Amidst surveys carried out by TIPIC surveyors in view of ascertaining any eventual damage and/or shortage to cargo, our company is called on to intervene in the following circumstances :

  • Investigating all kinds of cargo (bulk, liquid, containerized cargo…) either on board, at quay or at receivers premises, finding out the extent, the value and the cause of damage and setting out necessary recommendations to shipowners and their associations in view of safeguarding fully their interests.
  • Our staff surveyors can also be invited to undertake draft/ullages surveys to bulk cargo loaded or discharged in view of determining its exact quantity and helping mitigating any possible shortage or discrepancies.
  • Some specific cargo, prior its loading, can be subject to a preloading survey in order to investigate about the quality and quantity of cargo to be loaded in the aim to avoid further damage claim during cargo receipt at port of destination. Our surveyors, during said intervention, would help as well by assisting Master in inserting any necessary remarks and reserves in Mate Receipt and/or bills of lading to fully protect shipowners interests

Inspection of cars, trailers and containers

TIPIC ensures the inspection of cars, trailers and containers during loading and discharging operations. Relative monitoring and damage reports are issued in order to safeguard owners and/or shippers interests.

Hull and machinery survey

Our surveyors and marine engineers may attend whenever necessary hull and machinery expertise requested through either the concerned P&I clubs, shipowners or hull and machinery underwriters.

Such kind of survey consists in ascertaining damage occurred to the hull and/or machinery of the vessel following mainly her contact with quay, fixed and floating objects, grounding, collisions…..

Our surveyors, in these circumstances, are asked to establish the exact extent and value of damage, try to find out causes and liabilities of same damage and give the necessary recommendations for temporary repairs or final ones.

Whenever necessary and in some particular cases (grounding, capsizing, collision…..) our surveyors would help performing the refloating/towage operations to safe port.

On/off hire surveys

These surveys are usually carried out by our surveyors when asked for by charterers/shipowners to establish as clearly as possible the general estate of vessel and mentioning in particular exact bunkers figures, deck fittings/equipments and dates of hire ……

Full and details report is issued to the relevant party.

Ship’s evaluation and condition survey

The ship’s evaluation survey is usually needed to establish a report detailing the approximate value of the vessel, its equipments/fittings in the purpose of submitting same for possible sale.

The condition survey is asked generally by the P&I associations or hull underwriters in view of establishing, prior vessel’s entry to said association, the overall estate of the vessel, whether properly fit and seaworthy or showing defects and anomalies that should be truly reported to relevant party as per their adequate and concise form.

The above interventions could be performed by our staff surveyors in usual professional manner.